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Gisele Edwards


I deliver all of the client services myself. That means that I can guarantee the quality and timeliness of what I do. I wouldn't have it any other way.


I had worked in sales and information gathering roles for a long time before setting up my own business. Here are a few highlights.


Readers Digest

I was a Fact Researcher for the General Books Division for 4 years, spending my time talking to writers, consultants and specialists in different areas, to verify copy. I also interviewed and appointed specialists and other contributors for books in development. 


My work included going to events such as auctions at Sothebys, race meetings at Sandown, as well as interviewing the Dover Coastguard about rescues - so that the sub-editors could prepare their copy. 


The last big book that I worked on (which took two whole years of research) was 'Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal'.


Weidenfeld & Nicolson

I worked as UK Sales Manager for this London publisher, where I was responsible for team of 12 salespeople. 


I represented the company at book signing sessions with various authors ... including two weeks going round the country with TV favourites, The Goodies, promoting 'The Goodies Book of Criminal Records' - great fun.


I also attended Publishers' Association trade meetings, visited the head offices of key booksellers (WH Smith etc.) to subscribe big titles and (in my spare time!) organised two sales conferences each year.





... insightful customer and prospect contact, then you've come to the right place



As a means of communicating a message, generating leads or making appointments, telemarketing is one of the most flexible and personal marketing opportunities a business can use.


I am an extremely experienced and successful telemarketer with the passion, skill and contacts to enable you to find new business and secure meaningful and lasting relationships with clients throughout the UK and beyond.


Opening doors, making introductions and providing qualified leads, my professional approach to telemarketing guarantees more than a simple number-crunching exercise. I will ensure that all leads generated, appointments made and relationships started are based upon trust, integrity and sound understanding of your business and that of your potential clients.





A Range of Telephone Based Services


  • Prospecting/Sales Appointment setting
  • Customer contact/follow-up
  • Event audience recruitment, profiling and confirmation
  • Telemarketing coaching for inexperienced staff
  • Customer care



Abels & Kemmner GMBH


Adduce Marketing


Byrne Fleming




Dale Carnegie


Game Engineering


Growth Maker




Matrix Management


Modus (Scotland)


Motherwell Bridge




Rexam PLC


Smye Holland Associates


West Sussex Enterprise Agencies

European Supply Chain Consultancy


Marketing Services


Management Consultancy


International Engineering & Construction


Personal & Management Development


Process Engineers


Interim Marketing & Sales Services


Psychometric Test Publishing


Management Consultancy


Safety Management Software and Systems


Global Engineering & Manufacturing


Fashion School (based in Florence)


Global Manufacturing


Media Relations & Marketing Services


Regional Economic Development





"I have worked with Gisele for five years and she has always delivered excellent results to time and to budget. She has an extremely positive attitude and has always displayed the very highest levels of integrity."
Carl Brodie



"From day one Gisele has opened doors for our company which have been closed to us for years. We are delighted with the highly professional manner in which Gisele represents our company and her tenacity in getting the information we want."
James Hutchinson,



"As a marketing and public relations consultancy we need quality telephone research and marketing - for both ourselves and our clients. We consider Gisele an essential part of our extended staff team and use her services without hesitation."
Mike Holland,
Managing Director


"Gisele has always impressed me - right from the day she first contacted me looking to set up a meeting for another one of her clients. I thought then that she's just the sort of person that we need. The professionalism and her ability to communicate are world class but more importantly her work and success rate make her an invaluable member of any marketing or sales team."
Russell Ward,
Managing Director


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